Exhibition from March 17 until April 22, 2017

Currator : Anne de HEY! - Carte blanche to the Art Magazine

Arts Factory (Paris)

37 artists from 13 countries

Exploring the underground pop and outsider culture in all its complexity, our HEY! currating opened minds, and a breach by presenting a panorama of works and artists most of the time ignored by the normal radar of art criticism. While Arts Factory (founded by Effi Mild and Laurent Zorzin) explores the contemporary graphic scene since 1996, Anne & Julien (HEY! modern art & pop culture founders) are specialists of counter cultures since 1986. Sharing a taste for a non-academic art that they consider even today as underrepresented, Arts Factory and HEY! pursue on their own the defense and dissemination of a vibrant, heterogeneous and complex art scene, with multiple currents or territories. Brought together by this community of spirit, HEY! settles under the roof of Arts Factory to present for sale a family of artists whose works were admired during three successive exhibitions in museum in Paris (Halle St Pierre 2011, 2013, 2015), these initiatives having been strongly welcomed by the audience, critics and collectors. after three majors art exhibitions at the halle saint pierre museum (paris, france) and Tatoueurs, Tatoués at the quai branly-jacques chirac museum (paris, france) which welcomed 750,000 visitors, this selection of outsider pop artworks inaugurates for hey! modern art & pop culture and their founders a regular curatorial event for exhibition sale in art gallery (not only for museums).


Canada -

Dave Cooper /

Ryan Heshka -

Estonia -

Anton Vill -

France -

Dana Wyse /

Davor Vrankic /

Eudes Menichetti /

Gabriel Machéta /

Herve Bohnert /

Jean Labourdette /

Jim Skull /

Loic Lucas /

Mad Meg /

Michael De Poissy /

Murielle Belin /

Paul Toupet /

Sophie Herniou /

Stan Manoukian /

Stéphane Blanquet /

Stéphanie Lucas -

Germany -

Christoph Mueller /

Horst Haack -

Greece -

Elias Kafouros -

Italy -

Pietro Sedda -

Japan -

Hanawa Masayoshi /

Tagami Masakatsu -

Netherlands -

Handiedan -

Poland -

Roland Grabkowski -

Serbia -

Aleksandar Todorovic -

Switzerland -

Märt Infanger -

United States -

Daniel Martin Diaz /

Gilbert Shelton /

Martin Wittfooth /

Mike Davis /

Sean Norvet -