HEY! modern art & pop culture 4



After three exhibitions, considered important in France today, from 2011, 2013, and 2015, that regroup
over sixty international artists, always hosted by the museum of the Halle Saint Pierre museum
(Paris), HEY! has refreshed the experience of big group exhibitions within institutions, in France. Provoked
by the Halle Saint Pierre museum, this 4th exhibition – the fruit of the association between the HEY!
curation and this historical French space for singular art and art brut - is on a mission: to offer visibility to
art carrying an aesthetic overshadowed by dominant academics, and ignored by the radars of conventional
criticism. “Three exhibitions, in 2011, 2013, and 2015, don’t seem to have been enough to expose the breadth of
genres and families that make up this other artistic scene. Thus, we bring the same passion to this new exhibition,
hoping to do justice both geographically and historically. With the thirty or so artists gathered here, we will be able
to experience the emancipating reach of their works as they hold open the door to our imaginary spaces, irreducible
in all of us,
” says Martine Lusardy, director of the Halle Saint Pierre.


Dedicated to outsider pop – a term instated by Anne & Julien in 2010 – this 2019 edition presents,
on the upper level, thirty-seven artists from eighteen different countries to explore the value of
exclusively figurative art. In a parallel exhibition, on the lower level, the Halle Saint Pierre has invited The
Intuit Center (The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art) of Chicago, whose mission is, “Drawing on the
power of outsider art to transcend borders—those drawn on maps as well as those existing only in our minds
They are a natural and coherent counterpart to the HEY! exhibition, a strong proposal on European
territory, and a celebration of the Outsider as a vital force. Outsider Art and Outsider Pop is what we are
committed to, outside of the “doxas of contemporary art.”


HEY! modern art & pop culture 4 defends “outsider pop culture”, or the aesthetic incarnation
of counter cultural discourse faced with images and icons produced my mass media. The curatorial
approach of Anne de HEY!, following the example of the editorial commitment of the journal she directs,
assembles works fed by transversal disciplines, lights, and gestures, in which pop culture and figuration
continue to embody a source of delight and a horizon towards the imagination. Call it a true pop iconology,
in which the particular is preferred to the average, the surprising to the obvious


Belgium -

Chen M /

Mothmeister -

Canada -

Heidi Taillefer /

Henriette Valium /

Troy Brooks -

El Salvador -

Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo -

France -

Agathe Pitié /

Brigitte Lajoinie /

Claire Fanjul /

Mad Meg /

Michael De Poissy /

Nils Bertho /

Paul Toupet /

Séverine Gambier /

Yannick Unfricht -

Italy -

Fulvio Di Piazza -

Japan -

Hanawa Masayoshi -

Philippines -

Gil Batle -

Serbia -

Davor Gromilovic -

Spain -

Gerard Mas -

Switzerland -

Nathalie Verdon -

Thailand -

Quan Wansanit Deslouis -

United States -

Alessandro Gallo /

Betsy Youngquist /

Heather O’Shaughnessy /

Kris Kuksi /

Lizz Lopez /

Maryrose Crook /

The Kid -