HEY! modern art & pop culture Act III

Art Show from september 18, 2015 to march 13, 2016

Currators : Anne & Julien - Carte blanche to the art magazine

Halle St Pierre Museum (Paris)

61 artists and 2 private collections

HEY! modern art & pop culture, an art magazine founded in 2010 by Anne & Julien, is back at La Halle Saint Pierre after the resounding success of its two previous editions in 2011 and 2013. This third edition, HEY! modern art & pop culture Act III, will go further in its exploration and diffusion of various countercultural artistic media: Lowbrow Art, outsider art, comics and more generally any artistic vector of popular culture. HEY! Act III is the third and final instalment in a cycle of exhibitions based on no precedent or established standards whatsoever, carried out as it were as an open heart event in collaboration with La Halle Saint Pierre, a partnership built upon shared ideas and informed by a common goal: the representation and championing of so-called «outsider arts». « With HEY! Act III, this trilogy is now drawing to a close. This threefold collective curatorial project has brought into the limelight more than 200 international artists who are all part of a current global movement. With these three HEY! exhibitions and for the first time in Europe we have truly opened a Pandora’s box, heralding the forthcoming explosion of the kind of figu- rative art we have been supporting in our review since 2010. Furthermore, these three exhibitions form the historical basis for all future developments. They give us the necessary impetus for a new departure and the determination to keep on disseminating this new vision of the world with a future, regular HEY! event... Here or elsewhere, in art galleries. Even, in the futur, in our own museum HEY! The PLACE ». Anne & Julien, 2015.


Argentina -

Carlos Nine /

Leo Chiachio & Daniel Giannone -

Canada -

Peter Ferguson /

Ryan Heshka /

Winnie Truong -

France -

Benoît Huot /

Eudes Menichetti /

Francis Marshall /

Gilbert Peyre /

Herve Bohnert /

Jephan De Villiers /

Joel Negri /

Ludovic Levasseur /

Reno Ditte -

Japan -

Hiroshi Hirakawa /

Hirotoshi Ito /

Hisashi Tenmyouya /

Horiyoshi III /

Namio Harukawa /

Norimitsu Kokubo -

Korea, South -

Choi Xooang -

Philippines -

Gregory Raymond Halili -

Serbia -

Aleksandar Todorovic -

Spain -

Gabriel Grun -

Switzerland -

Filip Leu -

Taiwan -

Lian Yu-Peï -

United Kingdom -

Claire Partington /

Lucy Glendinning -

United States -

Camille Rose Garcia /

Chris Crites /

Christian Rex Van Minnen /

Christopher Conn Askew /

Dave Lebow /

David Sandlin /

Deborah Simon /

Derek Nobbs /

Don Ed Hardy /

Fred Stonehouse /

Gary Panter /

Harry Underwood /

Marion Peck /

Mark Ryden /

Ravi Zupa /

Ray Abeyta /

Robert Williams /

Ron English /

Sam Gibbons /

Shawn Barber /

Steven Kenny /

Thomas Woodruff /

Tom Mckee -