HEY! modern art & pop culture Part I

Art Show from September 15, 2011 to March 4, 2012 

Currators : Anne & Julien - Carte blanche to the art magazine

Halle St Pierre Museum (Paris)

64 artists and 3 privates collections

After six decades of independent and underground growth, pop culture now enjoys an international recognition. It has become a wide field of interpretations, a global creation made of vocabulairies. HEY! modern art & pop culture is the first magazine in Europe to explore this phenomenon exclusively in artistic terms. HEY! unveils the aesthetics irrigating and defining this global contemporary movement : the Outsider Pop. In 2011, the Halle Saint Pierre Museum and HEY! modern art & pop culture review have joined forces to present a new exhibition: HEY! modern art & pop culture Part I. Within the alternative cultural scene, the trends of pop culture are bound to meet and overlap with the popular forms of modern and contemporary art that we know as outsider art and art singulier. Our society is a “culture-world” which influences everything – and pictorial art is no exception. These days, the mindset of the populace and of the mainstream is everywhere, including inside and at the head of institutions. In keeping with the spirit of the HEY! review, this exhibition aims to act as an intermediary, a sounding board for this urban, pop and outsider art. “Of the sixty or so artists involved in the exhibition, some question the foundations of the technical civilisation to which they belong by pushing to their limit the opportunities it presents for artistic creation and free invention, whilst others try to distance their work as much as possible from its cultural environment and from the media; regardless of the methods used, their common aim is to challenge the hierarchical barriers which separate Fine Art from popular culture. Their varying cultural genealogies and kinships infuse the exhibition with the feel of a 21st century chamber of curiosities. Emblematic representatives of pop culture and standard-bearers for art’s most singular form, outsider art, these artists are the free-flying pollen of cultural creation.” Wrote Martine Lusardy in the exhibition catalog.


Australia -

Vee Speers -

Belgium -

Aurélie William Levaux /

Bonom -

Canada -

Dave Cooper -

France -

Alexandre Nicolas /

Alëxone Dizac /

Amandine Urruty /

Anne Van Der Linden /

Elzo Durt /

Eudes Menichetti /

Florent Ruppert /

Guy Le Tatooer /

Jean-Luc Navette  /

Jérôme Mulot /

Karotte /

Ludovic Debeurme /

Murielle Belin /

Pakito Bolino /

Robert Combas /

Ronan - Jim Sévellec /

Stéphane Blanquet /

Véronique Dorey -

Germany -

Horst Haack -

Korea, South -

Yu Jinyoung -

Netherlands -

Sauerkids /

Silvia B. -

Sweden -

Mia Mäkilä -

Switzerland -

Carmen Gomez /

Thomas Ott /

Titine Leu -

United Kingdom -

Jessica Harrison -

United States -

Aj Fosik /

Alex Gross /

Chris Mars /

Dan Witz /

Daniel Martin Diaz /

Ehren Tool /

Gilbert Shelton /

Kris Kuksi /

Martin Wittfooth /

Scott Hove -