HEY! modern art & pop culture Part II

Art Show from january 25, 2013 to august 23, 2013

Currators : Anne & Julien - Carte blanche to the art magazine

Halle St Pierre Museum (Paris)

59 artists and 4 private collections

In September 2011, HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture museum joined forces with the Halle Saint Pierre to present its eponymous exposition which, designed as a 21st century cabinet of curiosities, wanted to be an audacious and effervescent synthesis of the alternative art scene. From seditious figures of lowbrow art feeding on the iconography of the popular media to the phantasmagoria of pop surrealism, while rediscovering the legacy of the great pictorial tradition, from street art activists to tattooing, individual and solitary escapes of art brut to refined and libertarian images with a “savage eye”, all these artistic margins were presented in all their diversity and their complexity.  

HEY! modern art & pop culture Part II aims to carry on this tradition of recording all these noises, these bursts of individual or collective voices that the dominating culture has, for such a long time, shrouded, deformed or ignored. These artists, who are often separated by several generations, have escaped the poverty and drought of a rationalist and one-dimensional modernity, of which they are the prolific alternative. The aim of this exposition is to bring to light the underground affinities that link them together, by choosing polysemic, sensitive and intuitive collaborations. Whether they are the pure expression of creative impulses or mutations and deformations of existing codes, the works on show originate from the numerous experiences of European avant-garde artists and from American counter-culture.  


Canada -

Mariel Clayton -

Croatia -

Davor Vrankic -

France -

Angelo Di Marco /

Beb-Deum /

Frédéric Voisin /

Gérard Lattier /

Gilbert Peyre /

Jean Labourdette /

Jean Pierre Nadau /

Jim Skull /

Louis Pons /

Mario / Marie Delbarre Chichorro /

Mïrka Lugosi /

Moolinex /

Paul Toupet /

Stéphanie Lucas -

Germany -

Herbert Hoffmann -

Japan -

Haroshi -

Korea, South -

Choi Xooang -

Mexico -

Renato Garza Cervera -

Netherlands -

Carolein Smit /

Handiedan -

United Kingdom -

Heather Nevay -

United States -

Amanda Smith /

Brian Dettmer /

Charles Krafft /

Chris Mars /

Christian Clayton /

Elizabeth Mcgrath /

Georganne Deen /

Jim Woodring /

Joe Coleman /

John Brophy /

Judith Schaechter /

Kate Clark /

Martin Wittfooth /

Masami Teraoka /

Mike Davis /

Mu Pan /

Norbert H. Kox /

Rob Clayton /

Taylor Mckimens /

Todd Schorr /

Tom Huck /

Travis Louie -