Exhibition from November 19th, 2017 to April 15th, 2018

Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, États-Unis

Original Curating : Anne & Julien

Production : Musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac (Paris), 2014

Worldwide tour until 2020

After quai Branly museum - Jacques Chirac (Paris, France) in 2014, the Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada) and the Field Museum (Chicago, USA) in 2016, our exhibition Tatoueurs, Tatoués is now presented at the Natural History Museum (Los Angeles, USA) from November 19th, 2017 to April 15th, 2018 - introducing a new piece by tattoo artist Kari Barba. "We are proud to contribute to the defense and contemporary dynamism of tattoo art, our curatorial vision demonstrating that this practice belongs to mondial family of historical outsider arts." Anne & Julien

Now, restricted by the growth of the media giving tattooing over-exposure, it is writing its own modern history in pace with the perfecting of new technologies. As a result, the subject is today being talked about everywhere, and accepted by many. But on what bases?

So, little by little, tattooing abandoned the exclusively traditional, craftsman-like arena and started to question the subject and its interpretation. With motifs suited to the occasion being systematically imposed and proposed in tattoo shops and parlours, the tattooer nowadays indulges in free figures. In this art, the shift is fundamental—it frees “the hand” from the mechanical repetition to which it was confined—and gives glimpses of an unexplored territory where the imagination can become the driving force, the matrix.



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